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Our List of Products

All SED graders are designed with integration in mind; here is our complete list of products, including our graders and other production enhancing products we supply.
Water Recycle Tanks
Oyster Bagger: Bag your oysters with ease and accuracy.
Conveyors: Improve your oyster handling with a purpose built conveyor.
Bulk Hoppers: Enhance production by providing an even flow of product.
Bin Tippers, Door Kits, and Bulk Bins: Designed to handle traditional plastic bulk bins.
Washers: Product friendly washer using low pressure tank, salt water or fresh water.
Rotary Drum Water Filter & Recycle Tank: Adapt to today’s water saving needs.
Inspection Conveyors


SED manufactures an extensive range of elevating conveyors suited to the oyster processing industry. Our range has been purposely designed for use with existing or new processing plants. Robustly manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel to withstand the harshest of operating conditions.

All SED elevators are built with ease of maintenance in mind. The four roller shaft bearings are selected from readily available parts. Belts are manufactured from the best quality materials and are selected for long life operation. When needed, replacement belts can be easily fitted by the operator. Fully machined rollers are adjustable to ensure perfect belt alignment and tracking.

Should you require something a little special, SED can design and build conveyors to suit your specific needs. Elevators can be supplied with automatic stop/start feeder mechanisms, further improving your processing system.

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Oyster Bagger

Increase the speed and accuracy of your oyster basket filling with a SED Oyster Bagger!

Oyster Baggers spit out a predetermined volume of oysters with each pull of the handle, and with 4 interchangeable heads to choose from, you can select for any volume between 0.1L to 10L.

Reduce handling and speed up production!

  • Wide Range of Settings
  • 4 Interchangeable Heads
  • Average of 25 Baskets/Minute
  • Use in Conjunction with an Underwater Grader or Stand Alone
  • Manufactured from Robust 316 Grade Stainless Steel

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SED manufactures a range of conveyors to suit most processing requirements.

  • Ergonomically set for efficient inspection and removal of waste product.
  • Can be designed to suit specific needs.
  • Dimensions can be changed for retrofit into existing process equipment.
  • Available in different lengths and heights.
  • Robustly manufactured from 316 stainless steel to withstand the harshest operating conditions.
  • All SED conveyors are built to exacting standards with ease of maintenance in mind. All components are selected from readily available components.
  • Belts are manufactured from the best quality materials and are selected for trouble-free, long life operations. When needed, replacement belts can be easily fitted and readjusted.

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Bulk Hoppers

Enhance your current production and even out process flow rates with the addition of bulk hoppers supplied by SED. Bulk hoppers allow a quick turnaround; a load of oysters can be emptied into a hopper and processed while a second load is collected.

Reduce handling and speed up production!

  • Load directly from boat or truck
  • Designed specifically for oyster processing
  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Unique design reduces crushing and damage to product
Hoppers can be adjusted to suit individual processing flow rates. SED can design and build Hoppers to suit your special requirements.

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Bin Tippers, Door Kits, and Bulk Bins

Bin Tippers
SED bin tippers handle the plastic bulk bins now in daily use on oyster farms. Made from 316 grade stainless steel to handle the most arduous working conditions.

SED’s two station bin tippers can handle 5 to 6,000 oysters per bin (pacific oysters). Improve your efficiency by providing a constant flow of oysters.

Bin Door Kits
Readily delivered and assembled for customer fit (fitting instructions are supplied). Solidly built, these versatile bins are purposely designed for the bulk feeding of oyster processing lines.

Bulk Bins
Easily adapted for hand grading – they have a fold down table as well as fork lift points for safe handling.

Available in 1, 2 and 3 cubic meter sizes
Low models available to suit unloading heights

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Oyster washer units by SED are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. All SED washers come with a range of optional choices to suit the most exacting of process conditions.

All units can be modified or adapted to fit in with existing oyster processing equipment.

Single phase, town or saltwater, mobile or static.

03A Belt Washer

  • Cleans up to 2,000 dozen per hour
  • Gentle spraying operation from above and below through a special mesh belt selected to give optimum spray coverage
  • Ideally suited for improving existing processing systems
  • Can be supplied with an optional water recycling system

16A Reel Washer

  • Supplied complete with elevator and spray tunnel for optimum cleaning performance
  • Designed specifically for sale presentation of oysters
  • Preliminary washing is done whilst oysters are travelling up the elevating conveyor with final pressure wash occurring during tumbling action

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Rotary Drum Water Filter & Recycle Tank

03D Water Filter and Recycle Tank

Environmentally friendly, low cost, easily maintained and easy to install. Designed for use with the 03A Belt Washer.

If water supply and usage is a problem, then water recycling may be your answer.

Free from clogged drains and wet floors at last.

In this system, the water and particles first enter a rotating drum with a mesh screen around the outside. The particles are filtered out and the water flows through into the tank. Any sand or silt entering settles to the bottom of the tank. A second screen filters the outflow to the pump. Water from the outflow circulates back to the belt washer. When the mesh drum becomes clogged up, an automatic switch triggers nozzles that clean the drum, with all particles falling into a collection chute and flowing out of the drum.

The whole system comes complete with all fittings and single phase pump unit.

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